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Here we are giving you a PPT for HTML which is very easy to learn and also covered all the basic topics in details that you want.

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Introduction Of HTML

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Welcome to techieweb.in HTML tutorial. In this tutorial we try to make HTML easier to learn so that you can make your own webpage very easily. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language.

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HTML Editor

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To write HTML code you need a editor. Notepad is a very common editor to write HTML code. But there are so many editor available which makes coding easy for example Adobe Dreamweaver .

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Elements in HTML

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HTML page is a collection of elements. For ex. paragraph, a link , an image are elements in HTML. But <html>, <head>, <title>, <body> are the main and basic element of any HTML document. In this topic we learn about these four elements.

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HTML Style Attribute

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Style is a add-on for HTML. You can apply color to text, color to background, size to font, height, width etc. by style attribute. Style makes your web page more dynamic.

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Headings In HTML

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In HTML you can also provide heading by heading tags. Heading tags are from <h1> to <h6>. <h1> means the most important heading and “<h6> means least important.

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Paragraph In HTML

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In any website the document is divided into paragraph. In HTML we have a paragraph tag for that. So in this topic we learn about paragraph.

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Text Formatting in HTML

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Text formatting is used to apply different type of style to text like we can make text bold by using <b> and </b> also we can make text italic, underline etc. In this topic we learn how to apply text formatting.

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Comments in HTML

October 8th,2014     2 Comments          

Comment is a very important part of any web page. Comments are used to debug your code and you can also make notes using comment. So in this part we learn how to write comments in HTML.

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October 8th,2014     3 Comments          

In this topic we will learn about Cascading Style Sheet. In HTML we have 3 types of CSS, Inline CSS, Internal CSS and External CSS.

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Images in HTML

October 9th,2014     1 Comment          

Website is a combination of text, links and images. Use of Images in your web site will make your site more attractive and dynamic. So how you can add a image in HTML document we will learn about it in this topic.

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Links in HTML

October 9th,2014     3 Comments          

Link is a very important part of any web site. Web site is a collection of many pages. So to link these pages “link” is used. We can also use a image as a link. <a> and </a> tags are used to create a link.

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Tables in HTML

October 11th,2014     1 Comment          

When we want to display data in a tabular format we use <table> and </table> element. In this topic we will learn how to create table, table with border, background color. Also we cover rowspan, colspan, cellspacing and cellpading properties of table.

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Lists in HTML

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In HTML you can make different types of list by using there types. Lists have three types of list which are Unordered List, Ordered List and Description List. We will cover all this in this topic with examples.

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HTML Block & Inline Elements

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This topic will explain you about block level element and inline element and also how <div> and <span> tag works in HTML.

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Forms in HTML

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Form is very important field in HTML and it is used to take inputs from user. For ex. User Name, Address, Phone No. etc. So for this <form> tag is used. The Form element has text field, buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons which will help us to make a form.

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JavaScript in HTML

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JavaScript is a client side scripting language which is used to do some scripting task. In HTML you can use JavaScript inside <script> and </script> tags

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Iframes in HTML

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Iframes are used in HTML to display multiple web pages in one frame. You can also open a link in an Iframe.

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HTML Background and Colors

October 25th,2014     3 Comments          

In HTML you already learn that how can you set background color. Now in this topic we will learn that how to set an Image as a background also we learn about the color codes.

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Meta Tag in HTML

October 25th,2014     1 Comment          

Meta tag defines the data about data. In this topic we learn how to use and apply meta tag in HTML page.

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Creating Menus in HTML

October 27th,2014     1 Comment          

This is an extra topic to understand how to create a menu in HTML document. I am sure that you will find it very easy to understand.

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December 12th,2014     6 Comments          

This is a help sheet for HTML and it will help you to understand that what are the common HTML elements and there properties.

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