About Us


Found in the year 2009, Techieweb first started as Training& Development Company. Over the duration of 7 years it has successfully been able to achieve their targets in bridging the gap between Education and the requirements of IT industry. Establishing itself as an evolving Resource Factory TechieWeb has Crucially studied and analyzing the state of IT market TechieWeb has now come up with a polished project “Lakshya” to create a gateway between the qualified graduates and the corporate market. eligible candidates, will be the focus of “lakshya” program stepping into a stage of pre-birth where they will go under a practical experience of corporate life for 6 months, each day transforming into a professional before they actually kick start their career.


Is to bridge the gap between academic education and IT industry by expanding eligibility of students making them ready resources for employment.


Is to train students post their academic education on specific skills & to keep them ready for fulfilling the requirement of evolving I.T. business.


With great Courage, Integrity and Trust - we embrace our responsibility towards our students while pursuing excellent standards for our programs.


Narendra Atkare
What I liked most about Techieweb is their uncompromising high quality work.
- Narendra Atkare
Illana Shoshan
Working with Techieweb is always a pleasure. They estimate things precisely and do the work very professionally.
- Illana Shoshan
Edit Steinberg
Working with Techieweb allowed us to think beyond work and experience the actual enjoyment of it with success.
- Edit Steinberg