Advantages of PHP

PHP is growing rapidly in the advanced technology. It is demanded most by the web developers in website development. We basically know that PHP is a scripting programming language. Easy to learn and totally beneficial for building a website. PHP has achieved success in the field of advance technology. Widely used by developers all over the world since 1994 and have gained the maximum popularity then any other programming language.

PHP is growing rapidly because of its various beneficial factors.

1. PHP is a very fast programming language. It works fast without wasting your time.

2. It is totally free of cost to use, and thus saves your money.

3. It is an open source and so mostly used by the many web developers.

4. It has a good support of other technology such as apache, Linux, and MYSQL.

5. PHP is very easy to learn and create attractive websites.

6. PHP makes your system secured.

These 5 advantages of PHP indicate that PHP is very useful language for development of a website. Its advantages had proved that PHP has made its way in the world of technology. PHP + web 2.0 is a rich application build in AJAX technology. Web 2.0 had created dynamics like Face book, Flickers and yahoo. These advantages add its importance in website development. Because of these technologies PHP is greatly in demand by the web developers.

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