Are PHP Developers not paid well in the Industry…???

The financial analytics shows that the economy works on the grounds of Offers and Demands. The price of any given product increases by two major factors, its Demand and Availability in market. Is the demand is high, and the availability is less, price tends to rise. Similarly if the demand is low and there is abundant stock of product, the price starts to decline. Thus you can say Demand is proportional to the availability of the product.

Similarly, if there are more companies looking for skilled and qualified candidates compared to the available pool of candidates, the salary offered for the profile is higher. On the other hand if the availability of candidate is surplus compared to the available companies willing to hire, the salary packages offered is less.

Now, consider the PHP Market. The PHP market is very huge. Not to mention at least two PHP companies establishing every other day over the globe. Around 88% of websites are developed in PHP these days. Not to forget the huge websites like Wikipedia and yahoo too.  There are numerous companies willing to hire Skilled PHP Professionals. Jobs in PHP market are on a rise, and expected to top the list of Job opportunities in web development technologies.

The salary for a particular Job is priced as per the requirement of the profile. A Jr. PHP developer who is only expected to have knowledge of Installations and customizing existing PHP applications are paid less compared to the experienced candidates working at the Senior level development like Deploying, architecture planning and optimization.

Companies are willing to pay good salaries depending on the individual knowledge and capabilities of a Developer. A more sophisticated Skilled Developer is paid better salaries as the developers with complete knowledge are scarce.

It is more a matter of skills which are demanded by the companies, like technically sound knowledge, ability to integrate data, validation and proper implementation of code.

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