It can be a hard experience to find a reputable training provider to help you achieve your career goals.

However reasonable research can save a lot of time and can increase the quality of your decision. The checklist below is  to help you choose an appropriate training provider:


  1. Identify the type of course you need.

  2. Identify your key selection criteria (location, price, duration, cost, etc.).

  3. List 3-4 possible training providers who meet your course requirement & criteria.

  4. Visit websites of these 3-4 training providers.

  5. Gather information on each provider and be sure to read the student reviews, if available online

  6. Check your list again after you have researched all of the selected pool of providers to see if your research thus far warrants that you eliminate any

  7. Ask industry professionals to gain feedback on the providers, or check the need of that course in the targeted industry.

  8. Compile a list of questions to ask each provider and give them a call. When possible arrange to speak to an instructor, in addition to the sales department or directors.

  9. Ask for phone numbers of former students who can serve as credible sources and contact the student direct. Good providers will give access to any student, if the student is happy with this and not just a few handpicked ones.

  10. Go back to your list again and eliminate providers based on research and feedback

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