How to Choose Best Programming Language for Career?

With the enormous range of programming languages out there, the decision to opt for one of them varies time to time. Freshers are not just struggling to search for the job, but also it is getting difficult for them to finalize the right technology choice for them. Being an IT consultant, Questions which I come across every other day are: Which language is better, Java or PHP? Does PHP have a scope in IT industry? Does the PHP Companies pay well?   To help Job seekers make up their mind for any particular technology, I have jot down few points to analyze the scope of these languages.   Job seekers, often ask which is the best programming language? No language is best or worse. The IT Industry evolves every day, if there is a rumble of JAVA, it becomes the best, next day it will be Dot. Net and the day after PHP. It all depends on how you use the language and how you market it.

JAVA : Advantages

JAVA is an object oriented programming language which was intended to manage software complexity. Java is used to develop number of computer software products and deploying it in a cross-platform environment. It is also implemented on a variety of computing platforms like embedded devices and mobile phones. Some advantages of JAVA:

  • Java is an one of the open source language;  available online for FREE.
  • Platform Independent
  • Automatic Memory  Management
  • Allocates objects on the stack
  • It’s a Multi-platform support language
  • Supports all Web-Services
  • Modular Programs and Reusable Codes

Scope and Future

Java is one of the vast languages; the learning duration for Java is around 1 year as well as the Java developer needs to keep them updated to emerging technology in order to gain a substantial career growth. No doubt Java is one of the High paying technologies, but at the same time the frequency of vacancies in Java is very less.

PHP : Advantages

PHP is being used to develop both small and huge websites like Yahoo, Facebook, and Wikipedia. PHP being an easy to learn and use, it provides an easy development and huge expandability options. Java or c# are both static languages and they are popular only due to their object-oriented nature. But PHP being a dynamic Web language provides fast development cycle; hence most of the companies favor dynamic languages.   Some advantages of PHP:

  • Like Java PHP is also an open source language.
  • Faster Development cycle.
  • Easy Development tools
  • Vast pool of Features.
  • Simpler Programming as Compared to Java and Dot. Net.
  • Scalable applications at very affordable cost.

Scope and Future

Since PHP is currently very popular in IT industry, there is a huge scope for this language. Not to mention more than 75% of the website online are designed in PHP.  As PHP is cost effective, Easy to develop and supports the unlimited database well, its demand in IT is rapidly increasing.

Hope, this little insight helps you finalize a technology. You can learn any programming languages as per your interest. Eventually, the career scope mainly depends on the concepts; one should focus on the concept and knowledge rather than that of the language or technology. Do not forget the company hires only skilled peoples.

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