Importance of LAMP


As basically we know that PHP is a server scripting language created in1995 designed for web is basically Active server page developed by Microsoft.PHP is an open source completely free for anyone to use while is not free of cost to use.PHP is more powerful than Asp and Jsp.PHP runs on Apache server while runs on windows server.PHP is embedded with Html to create dynamic web page while Asp code smoothly mix with Html to create dynamics web pages.

PHP supports c, c++, Oop concepts, while supports more than 25 languages.PHP supports database language like Mysql, while supports Ajax database language.PHP is very much secure programming language That is use of this programming language makes your system secure while does not have any security options.PHP scripting language is widely used while is widely supported.PHP has a vast community while does not have a vast community.

PHP has proved to be more superior than with some of its basic advantages in the field of web technology.PHP has gained the maximum popularity to So in the era of advance technology PHP has made its way and so it is greatly demanded and used by developers all over the world and therefore became one of the best scripting languages in the field of advance technology.

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