Introduction of PHP

We generally know that PHP is a server scripting language used for web development. But now-a-days PHP is widely used in web development. Web developers can be embedded into HTML and designed through CSS. PHP stands for hypertext processor.PHP is a mixture of various languages such as Java, C and Perl.PHP was discovered with the invention of producing dynamic and attractive web pages. It can also be used to create complex objects.

PHP was first discovered by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994.PHP first incarnation was a simple set of common gateway interface binaries written in C language.PHP as personal home page Tools was named by Rasmus lerdorf which desired producing much larger and richer implementation. This new model was capable of database information and more. In 1995 Rasmus released a source code of PHP to the public encouraged and permitted them to use it. In September his new implementation included some basic functionality of PHP which we know today.

In October 1995 he released a complete rewrite of code which brings back the name of PHP. Then named it as personal home page construction kit. The code got another complete makeover in April 1996.An interesting fact there is one single full version of PHP is 2.0.Though it lived a short developmental life and still continued to gain popularity in the youth world of web development. In 1997-1998 it had thousands of users all around the world and even now we use PHP in web development.

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