In these days, finding a job in IT field became a difficult dream to achieve… specially if the Job seeker is missing a certain skill

Techieweb, is presenting now the 1st developing program that saves a lot of time and many for FRESH job seekers.

LAKSHYA” the Pre-Placement Program is also identified as a development program for 2017/2016 graduates.

As Techieweb, starts by asking the job providers [Employers] about the openings they have and also the specifications for each job profile… form that point Techieweb starts designing the development program.

Techieweb, makes sure that all graduates of the development program meets the exact job requirements PLUS the availability of the opening. [Assured Placement]

by offering ONE package with THREE major benefits:

  1. Technical training.

  2. internship program.

  3. Assured Placement.

find details below…

Technical Training

In the First stage:

Technical Training is duration of 3 months for 8Hrs daily

Participant will be receiving all technical aspects related to the selected job domain

Content will be updated according to the required profile by the placing company


In the Second stage:

The Internship could be in the future placing company

The Internship is a duration of 3 months or less, depends on the learning curve of the candidate

The Internship will involve direct contact with the actual clients


In the Last stage:

Participant can be placed before completing the whole 6 month, in case the placing company is willing to place him and the Participant is skilled enough to take over the assigned tasks

Participant will be receiving the offer letter from the placing company

Placement can take place in Nagpur, Pune& Chandigarh

Last, Techieweb is so confident about it’s service to extend of offering refund of 75% in case of no placement.

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