Learning Basic HTML: Chapter 3

Advancing forward with the course, let’s learn more about the tags in HTML.

Primary Tags

In orders to build a web page one needs four primary tags:



In HTML language these are called container tags. These tags usually are in pairs. That means it comes with the beginning and ending.


All HTML documents begin as well as end with the <html> tag. It instructs the that the following document is a html file & this document starts with <html> and ends at </html>.


The <head > tag resembles the title of the document with the general information about the author, copyright, author of the document or simply keywords and description which appears on the page.


The tag is basically the Title of the document. Eg: Topic, Heading, Information. <title> tag appears within the <head> tag. That means the title tag only describes the main title to the document name. it should be descriptive but brief. Remember this title will appear on the top of the browser page on the title bar, make it very brief.


Everything on the document or page comes within the <body> tag. It’s the main content of the page. It can include text, images, links & tables.


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