PHP a web based application


PHP has proved to the best web based application. PHP is the best language used for developing a website. PHP is generally a server side scripting language used for website development.PHP is an open source Language so it is used free of cost by everyone.PHP language one of the best scripting Language runs on apache server. PHP is also known as LAMP. The full form of LAMP is LINUX, APACHE, MYSQL and PHP. As PHP is the most popular language introduced since 1994 and in this advance technology PHP is greatly demanded and used.PHP is totally secured to use for developing a website this makes your system totally secure. This is one of the main advantage of PHP.

The current version of PHP is PHP 5. This version is mostly used now a day for website development. Attractive and dynamic designs are created by using this scripting language of PHP. As today the clients demand for such dynamic websites. PHP is a friendly user language it is easy to use and even easy to learn. Earlier PHP was known as (Hypertext Processor) and now it is known as Personal Home page. This scripting is the most famous and widely used all over the world.

PHP is a CMS (Content Management System). It is totally a web based application. It is an extensively used for website designing and development. The web application create by PHP has proved to be the best web application. As with the rapid growth of PHP this application is demanded the more in web technologies. PHP is well known with its advance forms. Such as JOOMLA, WORDPRESS, CODEIGINATOR, SEO (Search engine optimization).The value of PHP is more with its advance forms. PHP as an open source along with its advance forms. JOOMLA and WORDPRESS are also an open source application used for website development.

Therefore PHP is a web based application abundantly used for website development in the advance era of technology. This PHP application is well known for its main advantages and uses and so greatly demanded by millions of developers all over the world.

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