php as scripting language

PHP as Scripting


We know that PHP is a scripting language used to create dynamic and attractive web pages.PHP when embedded with HTML creates dynamic web pages. This scripting language was introduced by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995. Rasmus lerdorf earlier named PHP as Hypertext Processor and now known as Personal home page.PHP is also called as server Scripting language.PHP supports other scripting language such as C, C++,C# and has proved to the best among these scripting languages.

PHP is an open source server scripting language. Though it is an open source language it is used free of cost.PHP is a speedy programming language.PHP contains four spectrum that is LINUX,APACHE, PHP AND MYSQL and so called as LAMP.PHP also support database language such as MYSQL. MYSQL is the most popular database language commonly used along with PHP. PHP is very friendly language to use and is easy to learn and understand. Use of this scripting makes your system secured.PHP also serves as a security to your website created by PHP.PHP is good competitor of It has achieved great success in the advance world of technology than

PHP the server Scripting Language does not put any kind of load on server. As PHP is an open source language it is available free of cost to the developers and so most developers prefers to use PHP because of its basic importance .PHP when used with developers with its advance form add more importance to its Value. Another main advantage of PHP is that it has a large Community. So by all these features PHP has proved to be the best scripting Language among all the other Scripting Language.

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