PHP a web based application


PHP has proved to the best web based application. PHP is the best language used for developing a website. PHP is generally a server side scripting language used for website development.PHP is an open source Language so it is used free of cost by everyone.PHP language one of the best scripting Language runs on apache server. PHP is also known as LAMP. The full form of LAMP is LINUX, APACHE, MYSQL and PHP. As PHP is the most popular language introduced since 1994 and in this advance technology PHP is greatly demanded and used.PHP is totally secured to use for developing a website this makes your system totally secure. This is one of the main advantage of PHP.

The current version of PHP is PHP 5. This version is mostly used now a day for website development. Attractive and dynamic designs are created by using this scripting language of PHP. As today the clients demand for such dynamic websites. PHP is a friendly user language it is easy to use and even easy to learn. Earlier PHP was known as (Hypertext Processor) and now it is known as Personal Home page. This scripting is the most famous and widely used all over the world.

PHP is a CMS (Content Management System). It is totally a web based application. It is an extensively used for website designing and development. The web application create by PHP has proved to be the best web application. As with the rapid growth of PHP this application is demanded the more in web technologies. PHP is well known with its advance forms. Such as JOOMLA, WORDPRESS, CODEIGINATOR, SEO (Search engine optimization).The value of PHP is more with its advance forms. PHP as an open source along with its advance forms. JOOMLA and WORDPRESS are also an open source application used for website development.

Therefore PHP is a web based application abundantly used for website development in the advance era of technology. This PHP application is well known for its main advantages and uses and so greatly demanded by millions of developers all over the world.

Importance of PHP certification


Importance of PHP certification has become a need in web development technology. In the advance world of technology PHP has is greatly in demand. The demand of PHP is due to its increasing requirement for job and also for dynamics websites in PHP. PHP has created number of dynamic websites so client demand more for such dynamic website. Thus due to PHP certification has necessary in professional field of web technology.

PHP certification was first developed by the founder of this language that is Rasmus lerdorf in 1994. Since 1994 this language is used for website development. For PHP certification you need to appear an exam of some what 50 to 70 questions based on PHP and database language. The exam is an online exam and it consists of the current version of PHP that PHP 5 not PHP 4.The PHP certification is so called as Zend certification in web development. Through this Zend Certification you will be entitled with Zend certification engineer in PHP. You will be listed in Zend yellow pages after Zend certification. Through which you can come in contact with the web developers in the professional field and the clients.

PHP has gained the Maximum popularity in this era of advance technology compared to the past years.PHP certification has some important factor due to which it has its advantages. PHP certification is necessary for job if you are seeking job in a professional web development company then PHP certification will be counted as your experience and calibration. Even if you are a fresher and seeking job in the professional field then this PHP certification will help you in getting a good job with a good package.

PHP certification has the advantages which are beneficial for you in the field of web development your career depends on this Zend PHP certification. So if you want to build your career in PHP web development you should have PHP certification to brighten your future in the field of web technology. Therefore PHP certification is important in advance technology of web development.

Scope of php

Scope of PHP in Web Technology

If your are planning to build your career in Web technology then PHP is the best programming scripting language to learn and is also a good career option.PHP is basically a scripting language used for web development. The websites created by PHP are dynamic and attractive. So Because of this reason it is demanded the most in web technology.PHP is an open source so is used freely without any cost and so greatly in demand.

Scope in PHP really high as PHP is a language knows in the world of technology since many years. So it has gained the maximum popularity in this era. Many training institutes and Companies are set up for PHP training all over the world. There are many job requirements for PHP works many companies are even hiring fresher’s also along with experienced candidates. So if you are seeking to build your career after graduation then choose PHP after your graduation but you should have a basic knowledge of C, and C++ then it will be much easier for you to learn PHP.PHP is an easy and rapid programming language.

After PHP training you can directly reach for job in PHP work. You can consult to the Placement Consultancies as there are many placement consultancies you can register for jobs they will suggest you a good job according to your eligibility. Another way is you can submit your resume online on as there are many available through which you will get a good response for a good job. You can gain an experience from Small Companies and then you can search on for big IT Companies which will provide you job with good designation and with good salary package.

In IT Company you can get the desired post of web developer. Thus will be one of the best web developers
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in the advance world of technology. This will help you to gain success world wide in the advance field of technology. Therefore PHP has proved to one of the best source in advance World of technology. So PHP will make your dreams come true in web technology. Thus PHP has a very good scope in the advance world of technology.

Importance of LAMP


As basically we know that PHP is a server scripting language created in1995 designed for web is basically Active server page developed by Microsoft.PHP is an open source completely free for anyone to use while is not free of cost to use.PHP is more powerful than Asp and Jsp.PHP runs on Apache server while runs on windows server.PHP is embedded with Html to create dynamic web page while Asp code smoothly mix with Html to create dynamics web pages.

PHP supports c, c++, Oop concepts, while supports more than 25 languages.PHP supports database language like Mysql, while supports Ajax database language.PHP is very much secure programming language That is use of this programming language makes your system secure while does not have any security options.PHP scripting language is widely used while is widely supported.PHP has a vast community while does not have a vast community.

PHP has proved to be more superior than with some of its basic advantages in the field of web technology.PHP has gained the maximum popularity to So in the era of advance technology PHP has made its way and so it is greatly demanded and used by developers all over the world and therefore became one of the best scripting languages in the field of advance technology.

php vs java from web development point of view

PHP VS JAVA from web development point of view.

Generally we know that PHP is a scripting language since 1994 this is one of the most demanding language in the field of technology.PHP is basically used for creating dynamic web pages. While Java is object oriented programming language it has proved to be a new way to manage software complexity. Some of the basic distinguished points have been put forth to describe PHP and Java from web development point of view.

PHP advantages from web development point of view:-

PHP being an open source is used free of cost all over the world.
PHP is used to create dynamic and interactive websites.
PHP is much easier in using and in learning among all the other programming Language.
PHP is totally a secure programming language this makes your system secure.
PHP has four spectrums and so called as LAMP the full form of LAMP is LINUX, APACHE, MYSQL , and PHP these are the four spectrum used for web development.
PHP has a very vast community of developers.
Changes can be done in the website before and after the website is published.
PHP is not only reliable but also work in high speed and have high performance.
PHP runs on APACHE server and also on IIS (Internet Information Service) 6.0 and IIS 7.0.
PHP supports database such as MYSQL and Oracle.

Advantages of JAVA from web development point of view.

JAVA is an object oriented programming Language.
JAVA is an open source so is free of cost for developers.
JAVA is platform independent.
JAVA is distributed you can send and receive data from program me networking language.
JAVA is secure like PHP.
MS technology provides RAD that is Rapid application development.
JAVA is easy and simple to learn and to use.

These are the distinguished points which indicate that PHP is the best and mostly demanded in the world of technology. So PHP has proved to be the best in web development and thus is used by developers all over the world in the field of advanced technology.

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