role of php

PHP is a scripting programming language. Basically used for server- site web development. In this era PHP had played an important role in development of website. It is used to create dynamic and attractive website. PHP generally runs on web server. PHP is free of cost to use because it is an open source. So it’s the most demanded and widely used technology in this era. PHP is a very strong and fast developing language which is easy to create a website. One of the important fact is that its flexibility.

PHP as an open source is though greatly used by many web development companies. PHP has a good support of other technology like Apache and Linux. Linux an operating system is also an open source and fast in use. Apache acts as a framework to your website. These two technologies are mostly used together with PHP and MYSQL in website development. This has gained success in open source community. PHP has a very vast community of developers.

Many development companies make use of this programming and scripting language as it is used to create a dynamic an attractive web page. Since 1994 this language this used in creating a website by web developers still today we use it to create website as it is the best scripting language among all programming language. Many big and small web development companies are making use of this language as it is very cheap and important language. Many websites as we see today are build using this programming language. PHP has its importance with MYSQL.MYSQL is a viable database application used along with PHP.

PHP and MYSQL are together used in developing a website. Many of the social and professional networking sites are builds by using PHP and MYSQL. Since it is used by most of the website developing companies it has gain popularity worldwide. The websites created by PHP are secured. If you have an application written on PHP your system totally is secured. This is one of the advantages of PHP for website development to make a website secure using this language. So PHP is widely used in web development all over the world.

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