Difference between JavaScript and JScript:

To know the difference between first of all you have to know about ECMAScript. Don’t bother about ECMAScript. It’s nothing but a scripting language.

What is ECMAScript?

We use JavaScript for validation that is our main purpose. For that you use <script> tag and also assign “type” attribute in it and we always use “JavaScript” for that type attribute.

But you have to check that there are so many types available ECMAScript is one of them. ECMAScript is nothing but a standard for all scripting languages like JavaScript, Jscript, VBScript etc. All Scripting languages are based on ECMAScript standards.

JavaScript & ECMAScript :

Now the question is “JavaScript and ECMAScript are exactly same?” So the answer is “NO”. JavaScript is not completely same as ECMAScript but the core attribute and features are taken from ECMAScript. JavaScript has its own new additional features that are not in ECMAScript.

JavaScript is originally created by Netscape, but they want to standardized JavaScript so they handover JavaScript to European Computer Manufacturer’s Association (ECMA) for standardization. But there are some issues regarding to trademark so the standard become ECMAScript and it is same today.

JavaScript and Jscript:

JavaScript is a cross platform scripting language and also very simple and light weight. You can directly integrate JavaScript into HTML code. One thing you always have to remember that JavaScript is totally different from JAVA language.

You already know that JavaScript is developed by Netscape. The name of JavaScript is given for the purpose of marketing strategy because JAVA is a very famous language in IT industry. So they think that it will increase popularity of JavaScript also. And now JavaScript is also become a most popular programming language.

The Jscript is nothing but a version of JavaScript that is created by Microsoft. Actually Microsoft wants their own version of JavaScript so they created this and named it Jscript. This is the main difference b/w JavaScript and Jscript.

Here is an example which will help you to understand the difference b/w JavaScript and Jscript.


Lets declare a variable called “demo” in javascript and create an object within that page and also give id that object “demo”.

var demo = “Gud Mrng”;

And now we will set the value of variable to that object like below

document.getElementById(“demo”).innerHTML = demo;

In JavaScript this code will run perfectly but in Jscript it throws an error. Because Jscript does not recognize the difference between the variable and the object id.So Jscript treats them as a single object. Whereas JavaScript know the difference between that variable and the object id so it will work properly without any error.

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