Elements in HTML

HTML Elements Intro:

When you open any website all the items in that application for example a paragraph, a link, an image, etc. all are the elements of that website.

In any website there are some elements are invisible to user but they used inside the code to provide information to search engine.

How to use HTML Elements:

Most of the HTML elements have a start tag and an end tag and the content written between both tag. You should always end the tag may be it not give you any error but it’s not a good practice.

For Example:



Basic HTML Elements:

In any website there are hundred of html tags are used but there are minimum four main element that must be included in any web page. Now we are going to learn them.


The HTML Element:

The html element is the start of any web page. Everything in web page

Is wrapped up in this <html> start tag and </html> end tag.

The purpose of <html> element is to hold each and all element and defines the whole document.

The <html> tag also helps browser to know that this is a HTML page.

Lets start with notepad. Open your notepad and write the html tag on that like this:


The HEAD Element:

After <html> tag <head> element will be placed. The purpose of <head> element in web page is to define information about the HTML document, including styles, javascript, the title, and meta information.


The Title Element:

The <title> element is encapsulated between head element. The title tag is use to give title to your web document which will be displayed on tab or title bar of the browser. There may be only one and only one title for one document. It appears only in the head element.


The Body Element:

The <body> element comes after <head> element and its an very important element of the HTML. <body> is the main container of your web page which contain text, hyperlinks, images, tables, lists etc.

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