Functions in PHP:

Functions are very important part of any language. In PHP also functions are very important. There are 1000 of built-in functions in PHP. Means PHP have many predefined functions.

A function is noting but a block of code which will be executed when we call that function wherever we need it. Functions save a lot of time because you can create a function for one time and you can use it for multiple times.

The working of function is very simple; it takes one or more inputs as parameters perform some operation and than returns the value back.

In PHP there are so many built-in functions are available. But you can also create your function and use then in your programming. First of all you have to create a function and than you have to call that function.


  • The name of function should start with a character or an underscore never start function name with number.
  • Do not use a predefine function name as your function name.
  • The names of function are not case sensitive.

 Creating User Define Function:

User can create his own function. To create a function you have to use “function” keyword.



 Functions with Parameters/Argument:

Arguments are in function works just like a variable. Arguments in functions are used to pass information. Parameters are passed in function within the parentheses ‘()’ and you can pass “n” number of arguments in a function by separating them with commas (,).


            In following example we are using one argument.


            In following example we are using two argument.

 The Default Argument Value in PHP Function:

If you define a argument value in function than when you do not declare it at the time of calling so it will take the default value of the argument.


In following example we are assigning value to the parameter and calling that function with argument and also without argument

 The Return Statement in PHP function:

If you want that the function returns some value so that you have to use “return” statement. You can also return more than value using return array.



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