Install Process of  jQuery:

To use jQuery first of all you have to install it. There is a many ways to start using jQuery. Here we will learn two patterns of installing jQuery.

  • Download from
  • Include from a CDN

Download from “”:

You can download a jQuery library from “ “. When you download jQuery there are two versions for it:

  • Production
  • Development




Production Version: The production version is compressed and minified so that it has been used for your live website.

Development Version: The development version is uncompressed and a readable code so this is used for development and testing.

Note: You can download both versions from

How to use?

After downloading the jQuery library you can use it in your application. jQuery library is a single JavaScript file and you have to use this file in the <script></script> tag. The <script> tag should be written in <head> section.


Note: Save the downloaded file in same directory where you are going to use it.

Include from a CDN (Content Delivery Network) :

If you don’t want to download the jQuery library from the site so you can include jQuery from a CDN. There are two jQuery hosts available for CDN.

  • Microsoft
  • Goggle




You can use any one of them.

Microsoft CDN:

< script src=””></script>
< /head>

 Goggle CDN:

<script src=””></script>
< /head>


In following example we are using Google CDN.


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