Introduction of JavaScript:

JavaScript is a scripting language it should not be compare with Java Language both are different languages. JavaScript was created by Brendan Eich in 1995 within 10 days.

When JavaScript crated it known as “LiveScript” but Netscape changed its name to “JavaScript”.

JavaScript is a Client-Side scripting language and a most popular programming language in world. It is a light weight, interpreted programming language and an open source means you don’t need any licence to buy it.

Advantages of using JavaScript:

JavaScript is a very easy to learn language it is the biggest advantage of this language. Some other important advantage of JavaScript is as follows:

  • JavaScript is a client side scripting language so that you can validate your code in client side before sending the page to server it reduces the load on server.
  • Because it validate code on user machine so the user does not have to wait for a long time and user get immediate feedback.

Limitations of JavaScript:

  • Because JavaScript is a client side language so it does not allow the writing and reading files.
  • Networking applications support is not available.
  • It does not support multithreading or multiprocessing capabilities.

Versions of JavaScript:

      Serial No.            Version             Released                                    Browser
           1        JavaScript 1.0          March 1996                      Netscape 2.0 & IE 3.0
           2        JavaScript 1.1          August 1996                      Netscape 3.0
           3        JavaScript 1.2          June 1997                      Netscape 4.0
           4        JavaScript 1.3          October 1998                      IE 4.0
           5        JavaScript 1.4                      Netscape Server Only
           6        JavaScript 1.5          November 2000                      Netscape 6.0, IE 5.5,6,7,8, Mozilla 1,….
           7        JavaScript 1.6          November 2005                      Mozilla Firefox 1.5 only
           8        JavaScript 1.7          October 2006                      Mozilla Firefox 2.0 only
           9        JavaScript 1.8          June 2008                      Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and Opera 11.50
          10        JavaScript 1.8.1                      Mozilla Firefox 3.5 only
          11        JavaScript 1.8.2          June 2009                      Mozilla Firefox 3.6
          12        JavaScript 1.8.5          July 2010                      Mozilla Firefox 4.0 and IE 7

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