Introduction of MySQL:

We use PHP server site scripting language to develop our web site but what about the data which we want to save on server so the answer is in PHP we use MySQL.

Now a day’s MySQL is the most popular and used database in PHP. The reason of popularity is it is an open source and very easy to understand.

 What is MySQL?

There are some points that you should know about MySQL:

  • It is a database and used on web
  • It is a database that runs on server
  • It is very easy to learn, and use and also very reliable
  • It follows SQL standards
  • It is optimal for both big and large applications
  • It is a open source means free to download
  • It is developed , supported and distributed by Oracle Corporation

 Why we use MySQL Database in PHP?

Database is use to store information in a systematic way. In PHP we also need to store information or data like we have some details about users of company like their name, address, designation, salary, phone number etc and there are 1000 of employees in that company so where to store these information. The MySQL database is used for that. PHP and MySQL works together in a proper way and it is already added to XAMPP so we do not need to install it.

There are also some reasons for that you have to use MySQL as your database:

  • Scalability and Flexibility
  • High Availability
  • High Performance
  • Strong Data Protection
  • Management Ease
  • Open Source Freedom
  • 24*7 Support
  • Ownership Cost is lowest

 How to install MySQL?

You already know that we are running our PHP programs in localhost and for that we install the “XAMPP” software. In XAMPP we already have our database MySQL so we don’t need to install it again.

To open the database you have to write on URL:


So it will open your localhost database.


One thing you should always know that first of all you have to start the XAMMP than it will open your database.

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