Sending Mail in PHP:

In PHP you can also send email. To send a email through PHP you have to use “mail()” function. There are some required arguments that should be passed in mail() function.


mail (to, subject, message, headers, parameters)

The description of the parameters is as follows:

  • to: this is a required argument and it takes the receivers email address
  • subject: this is a required argument and here you have to specified the subject of your mail
  • message: this is also a required parameter and here you write the message which you want to send. The limitation is that in one line you can write only 70 characters. To start a new line you have to use LF(\n).
  • header: this is a optional parameter here you can add Cc and Bcc.
  • parameters: this is a optional parameter.


This will not work on localhost it needs server


In following example we are sending simple text

 Sending HTML email:

The difference between simple email and HTML email is that when you send a simple mail it will treated as a text if you have use html tag inside it. But if you are adding the MIME version and the content type to your mail than it will treated as a HTML email.



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