Formatting Text in HTML:

In HTML there are so many text formatting tags are available. These formatting tags are used to format the appearance of the text in your web page.

Following are the Formatting tags in HTML:

Bold Formatting:

As you can understand by bold tag is used to make your text bold. The <b> start tag and </b> closing tag is used for it.


Italic Formatting:

The text written between <i> and </i> will be italic means the text will displays a slight angle. You can also use <em> and </em> tag to make your text italic. Both work same.


Underline Formatting:

The text written between <u> and </u> will be underlined. You can use it to make text important. One thing you have to notice that the html links are already underlined.


Mark Formatting:

This tag is used to mark or highlight you text. <mark> and </mark> tags are used for that. By default it will mark the text in yellow color.


Deleted Formatting:

This formatting tag is used to display that the text is removed form here. <del> and </del> tags are used. The deleted text will cut from middle by a line.


Inserted Formatting:

This tag is used to display that the text is inserted and that inserted text is underlined automatically. The <ins> and </ins> tags are used.


Subscript Formatting:

This <sub> and </sub> tag is used to write text in subscript form mainly used for chemical compounds.


Superscript Formatting:

The <sup> and </sup> is used to superscript the text. For example to express exponential expressions.


Abbreviation in HTML:

Abbreviation means short form of text. For example “HTML” is abbreviation of “HyperText Markup Language”. When you bring mouse over that element the full form of that element will viewed.


Line Breaks in HTML:

The <br/> tag is used to break a line. This tag have only one tag. You can use this tag to go to next line.


Horizontal Rule in HTML:

The <hr> tag is used to give a horizontal line to your html page. By default it will take 100% width but you can assign width by style.


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